Sailing 7 Days a Week, this New Casino in Jacksonville, Florida Offers Nonstop Excitement

Have you heard the latest news about Victory Casino Cruises? They just opened a new casino in Jacksonville, Florida, adding some extra excitement and intrigue to the city. It is more than a stylish building. It's an incredible 229 feet in length casino cruise ship that sails out twice daily every day of the week! No wonder the locals are talking about nonstop fun and entertainment. Every city this size needs something safe and fun that is just for adults.

Get ready for the late morning cruise that leaves at 11 AM. If you select Sunday's early sailing, the ship departs at noon. The late afternoon cruise leaves at 7 PM. Weekend cruises tend to last a little longer than 5 hours, so check the schedule to verify the return time. Passengers are frequently shocked to hear that the boarding pass is only $10 a person. That is less than the price for a first -run movie!

Passengers must be at least 18 years of age with a valid government ID to board Victory II and gamble. Alcohol is served to ages 21 and over. Nonalcoholic beverages are served to passengers of any age at the new casino in Jacksonville.

The ship is conveniently located at historic Mayport Village. Passengers have a choice of over 300 popular slot machines, including Cats and Coyote Moon. If blackjack or three card poker is more to your liking, there are 17 live table games featuring those card games and several more.

VCC's goal is to make the customers happy and one to do that is by providing quality entertainment for their casino in Jacksonville. It could be one of the local hot bands or singers presenting classic rock, a taste of country, or a rendition of one the top 10 hits today. Avoid missing the boat because of a filled manifest by calling VCC for your reservation today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


Victory Casino Cruises Launches Victory II in Jacksonville, Florida

Residents of northeast Florida and as far north as Atlanta, GA have been following the progress of the latest ship from Victory Casino Cruises, the Victory II. The ship is now taking advantage of its 10-year lease for docking privileges at Jacksonville's Mayport Village. Completely refurbished and ready to sail, Victory II delivers the excitement of a first-class Las Vegas casino in a 229-feet long sailing ship.

An impressive sight greets passengers as they board the ship. The $10 boarding pass is a bargain price just for the cruise along the Atlantic Ocean and back! For fans of free Internet gaming sites, it is the opportunity to actually see their favorite slot machines, including Triple Diamond, Coyote Moon, and Cats. Push the buttons for real, instead of relying on the click of a mouse. The impressive size and appearance of the 300-plus machines feature an attention-drawing display of the payouts. Relax in the new, comfortable chairs that face each slot.

The outdoor deck is expected to be a popular hangout for anyone looking for a breath of fresh air or a view of the sunset or brilliant stars twinkling overhead at night. Another stroke of genius is a large dance floor capable of handling any guest's style of dancing, whether they are 18-year olds or passengers living it up in their golden years.

Based on the performance of Victory I in Cape Canaveral, Victory II is expected to boost the local economy. The increase in tourism will build business at shops, gas stations, hotels, eateries, and other places of entertainment. Expected guests from Atlanta have a 5-hour drive to reach the port and may decide to make the journey a minication. Savannah, GA visitors are just two hours away, while St. Augustine, FL guest are within 45 minutes of this new Jacksonville casino. The chief requirements are being at least 18 years of age and having valid government ID to present before boarding.

There are seventeen tables for various casino live action games like roulette, craps, blackjack, and 3 card poker. Victory II is limited to carrying 600 people on each gaming cruise. Even sailing twice a day, reservations are expected to fill quickly. Until now, residents in northeast Florida and quite a bit of Georgia were obligated to travel great distances to Cape Canaveral and beyond to take part in gaming. Entertainment like music, dancing, dining, and gaming during a cruise from Jacksonville is too good to pass up. Confirm your reservations aboard Victory II today by calling 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


Victory Casino Cruises Hits Home Run with Local Jacksonville Crowd; New Ship Victory II Delivers an Unbeatable Atmosphere, Great Food and the Best Casino Gaming

There's good news on the street that there is yet one more reasons to visit Jacksonville, Florida. You may have already heard about Victory Casino Cruises and their intention to open casino gaming in this part of the state. Well, it's official and Victory II has already taken a few trips from Mayport Village on the Atlantic and back.

There are other casinos across the state. Few of them have the ability to depart their usual resting place and sail off into the sunset. The spectacular view provided to hundreds of passengers is an unforgettable experience. Sailing twice daily, the late morning and late afternoon cruises have a very strict departure time. Passengers are reminded to arrive early to avoid missing the boat.

Like other cruise ships, Victory II leaves Jacksonville amid festivity. Music plays and guests cheer at the first slight tug of motion. Local bands and entertainers will provide much of the onboard excitement in the months ahead. The variety of casino gaming includes table games like3 card poker and ultimate Texas Hold 'Em in addition to the more than 300 slot machines.

A more convenient drive for passengers coming down from North Florida and South Georgia, visitors are already thinking in terms of minications rather than day trips. Hotels and motels around the city offer special discounts to visitors arriving for a cruise. Combining the cruise with shopping, watching the latest film release, and perhaps getting in a game of golf at any of the nearby courses is a spectacular idea.

A boarding pass costs $10 for most departures. Bring valid government ID with you, as you must show you are 18 to board Victory II and be at least 21 to be served liquor. For answers to any questions and to book your reservation aboard Jacksonville's new casino gaming cruise, call VCC today at 855-GO-VICTORY (855-468-4286).


Victory Casino Cruises Jacksonville in the News


Casino Cruises Return to Jacksonville

MAYPORT, Fla. -- A new casino cruise line is taking a gamble on Jacksonville, dropping anchor in Mayport, and looking to hire about 200 people.


Victory Casino Cruises Coming to Jacksonville Mid-June 2014

Written by Jensen Werley Reporter - Jacksonville Business Journal - Check out full article here

Based upon the success he's seen in Central Florida, the owner of casino ship coming to Jacksonville is betting local residents will go all in at the floating gaming establishment.

The Victory II, which will be setting sail from Mayport in mid-June, features a variety of gaming options, food, beverages and entertainment.

Lester Bullock, CEO of Victory Casino Cruises, said the quality of his product is what sets his ships apart from past ships, which weren't able to stay in the market.

"We're delivering a better product," he said. "It's not just gaming, it's an entertainment experience."

Bullock, who also has a ship in Cape Canaveral, said his crew modifies the entertainment to woo the clientele on the boat at any given time. He said during the day, when the crowd tends to be senior citizens, there will be live bands playing oldies.

At night, when the crowd is younger, the ship will have a fully-functioning nightclub on the top deck. He also expects high-quality, fresh food and drinks to be part of the experience.

"There are a lot of moving parts," said Bullock, who is putting the finishing touches on the ship, ticket area and dock, which will have a Key West aesthetic, making the entire area surrounding the ship "quaint and cute."

Bullock said he believes in his ship's ability to not only be successful, but to significantly influence Jacksonville's economy.

"Our direct impact is $10 to 12 million, but I'd say it's worth $30 to 40 million to the economy," Bullock said.

He said he expects to hire between 200 to 250 employees for the Jacksonville-based ship, which is 229 feet long, will service about 600 passengers and will have three decks.

Victory Casino Cruises has a 10-year agreement to dock at its Mayport slip.

"Mayport is a sleepy gem," he said. "I don't know if the locals want it woken up, but it is a gem."

While Florida has attempted to legalize more land-based gambling in the past, Bullock said he is not overly concerned. Right now, he said Jacksonville, northeast Florida and south Georgia is lacking gambling opportunities, and his ship will fill that void.

"If it works in Canaveral, I know it can work here," he said. "We really figured it out."


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