November 21st Weather Update
Saturday the winds will be from the East at about 20-25 kts. The waves will be 5-7 feet and there will be moderate motion on the ride and the turns.  Saturday night the winds will be 20-25 kts from the East. The waves will be 5-7 feet and the ride will have moderate motion on the ride and on the turns.
Sunday the winds will be South at 20 kts. The waves will be 5-7 feet and the ride and the turns will have moderate motion . Sunday night, the winds will be South at 15-20 kts and waves  4-6 feet. There will be moderate motion on the turns.
Please check Facebook for updated weather and schedule changes due to weather.
Capt. Tim

Meet Captain Dave

How did you become a captain?  I originally started working on boats as an EMT.  I received my Captains License 17 years ago.  I also hold an engineering license which is coming in handy now as we are preparing the ship to head to Jacksonville.  I am also currently a firefighter/paramedic.

Tell us a little about your past experience as a captain?  I used to run supply ships for the oil fields.  I also owned a marine towing and salvage company.  And I have been the captain on several casino ships over the years.

Can you tell us a little about the work you are currently doing on Victory II? Well, we really are upgrading the entire ship.  The work everyone is doing cosmetically to the ship is amazing and everyone will be very impressed.  As far as the marine side we are doing some upgrades to the generator systems, upgrading the safety equipment, and preparing the ship for the coast guard.

Would you like to say anything to our new friends in Jacksonville?  We will be there soon.  We can't wait to get up there and get running.  And I can say that you will be very impressed with the ship.  This is the nicest ship we have seen come through Jacksonville.  Can't wait to see everyone.  


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